VPN gratis 2019: Las mejores VPN gratis

Finally, today is the day! You have already made the decision and are ready to install a VPN. But you are not ready to start paying right now. So you use your favorite search engine and type “vpn internet for free”. And you feel overwhelmed by the large number of offers available. So you feel a little excited, there’s a lot to choose from! However, how to choose the best free VPN? You start by reading some articles – like the one below – with rather negative comments … What is the next step?

The temptation of the “free VPN”

In effect, you are looking for an unlimited free VPN program to watch Spanish channels abroad or watch Netflix USA . Simply that. You may be on vacation or on a business trip for a couple of days. And you do not want to spend a lot . As a result, you find some free internet VPN options in the market. But beware!

Free internet VPN servers are dangerous

In this world, nothing is really free . And I hope you know, or you will learn it firsthand pretty soon. I leave it there. Organizations or people offering unlimited free VPN servers are not NGOs . Behind its services there is a complete infrastructure with hardware, software and employees . And they have to offer enough bandwidth for all their users. Which is not cheap. And, evidently, they must pay for all this.

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So they have to get some economic performance. And what do we have to offer? You know the saying: “If we do not pay for it, we become the product.” Therefore, if we do not pay for the service, our value is in our browsing data and our online habits . That’s why they go.

The risks of free internet VPN

Some unscrupulous companies use our data for commercial purposes … And with them ruin all our efforts to protect our privacy. Because providers of the best free VPN can read all our data and share it with advertisers. And this is at best.

In fact, some VPNs are easily targeted by cyber criminals. And they’re just looking for opportunities to make money behind our backs . Running their own VPN service, they gather a lot of data from trusted users, including bank access details, credit card information and all account access details .

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Have you ever heard about people who receive invoices for products they have not bought? Or people with hundreds of small amounts withdrawn from their accounts in a short period of time? Or even people who have discovered that someone is using their identity online? Well, with a free internet VPN, those could be you. And these are just some examples of the risks …

Finally, they can even sell our bandwidth to anyone (look for information on ” goodbye hello ” for example). And it can be used for any purpose, including illegal ones … How to move large amount of data through the Internet, executing malicious DoS attacks (Denial-of-Service, Denial of Service), accessing content with car rights or worse , images of child abuse.

In the worst case, they could accuse us of any cybercrime done through our connection … Better safe than sorry, right? Because when the m ***** jumps, it will splash us.

For now everything is fine? You are simply reading about VPN online for free . And you are learning about the dangers of the Internet. You probably will not use any free VPN after this little touch of attention. I always recommend people to use a VPN. But I never recommend downloading free VPN for PC .

Free unlimited VPN: The technical side

If you are still not convinced that you should avoid using the best free VPN even with all its costs, I should add this. An unlimited free VPN service will most likely fail when you try to unlock geo-restricted or censored content .

And if you can access the content, I warn you that speed is terrible – focus on our data, not on the service they offer. Therefore, you will not be able to see your videos in streaming properly.

In conclusion, you spend your time on opinions about VPN, you register (too eager to give your personal information), and then you do not get an adequate service. You have just spent your time and have taken stupid risks .

The best free VPN

Now you know my point of view about free VPNs. However you can get a free VPN program for PC or Android , but with limitations. Interesting, right? No cheap VPN, free VPN! A free VPN service for Android or trusted PC. And here I explain how it works.

Free limited packages of VPN providers

Serious VPN companies know that there is a need for free offers in the market . In fact, when we need a VPN once a year, why should we subscribe to a service? Although you should … Really. Or if you are struggling to make ends meet.

As a result, some VPN providers offer a free package for freeing on the internet. You can register for free on their website and use their regular services.

However, do not expect to have unlimited data usage! Because the best free VPNs are strongly limited . As a rule, you have approximately 500 MB per month, as with VyprVPN and Tunnel Bear . It’s not so bad, but forget about watching Formula 1 online live . While other VPNs organize a queue to connect, they offer a limited number of servers, display ads every 90 minutes or automatically disconnect after three hours. And finally some VPNs, like NordVPN , require our background history (it has to be an emergency), before giving us 6 months of unlimited free VPN.

Free trials and money back guarantees

First of all, do not abuse this. Because it could disappear! In fact some VPN providers are starting to hunt down users who exploit their free trials. And they regularly increase their limitations … Free trials are for testing a VPN before subscribing . However, if you need a VPN quickly or on time, you can register and use their service. Therefore, you will have a free Android VPN or a trusted PC for a limited time (between 3 and 7 days).

Or on the other hand, if you can afford the subscription, you can get 1 month of VPN internet for free, with your money back guarantee . Follow the instructions on the VPN website for beneficiaries of this offer.

The best free VPN 2019

Finally, if there is a free internet VPN to which you should take a look, that is TunnelBear. Why? Because it’s on my top 10 VPN list of recommended. It is a great VPN , suitable for all those who need an easy-to-use VPN to surf anonymously , check email or watch videos online. In addition, it offers 500 MB of data. But you can get an extra GB free every month by completing this quick action on social networks: tweet at @theTunnelBear asking for 1 GB of free data! And you will get a free GB of data as a gift. Fantastic.

TunnelBear VPN free

Are you ready to adopt a pet? Because now is a good time to have A bear, yes, a damn bear, that's more bad luck than the bad guys in the Batman movies ... In fact, a little TunnelBear, famous for its simplicity and originality since 2011, is ready to be adopted. It's free!

This has been my guide: Free VPN 2019: The best free VPN . Stay tuned for more articles soon.

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